Thank you

Thank you.

We are thankful for our donors. You are providing funding for programs that are not only vital to the people served but essential to the recovery of our community. Thank you. 

We are grateful to those that have donated to the Coronavirus Response Fund. Because of you, our neighbors can shelter in place with peace of mind that they can keep the lights on, have enough food, and feel safe. Thank you. 

We are thankful for our staff and Partner Agencies. Your tireless work is crucial to the Chattahoochee Valley’s health and well-being. Because of your commitment, children received meals, citizens experiencing homelessness have shelter, community members secured much needed medical assistance, just to name a few. The list is long with examples of service and continues to show the importance of our programs. Thank you. 

We are grateful for our volunteers. Without volunteers, very little of this work would have been possible. Your dedication to each other and the valley brings hope to all of us. You are the lifeblood and soul of our community. Thank you. 

The response of our community to this unprecedented crisis has been overwhelming. While we face the somber reality of COVID-19 we can rest assured that we are in this together, supporting each other, sharing the weight of caring, and ensuring our community is well taken care of. Thank you to you all.