Strategy: Working Together

Whether you have banded together with family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues, we have all contributed to great collaboration in our community over the last few months. It goes to show our resilience and compassion we feel for one another. Working together is something this valley is good at, as countless stories show. 

One of the most effective coordinated efforts has been the Coronavirus Response Fund, co-led by United Way and the Community Foundation. Thanks to our community’s generosity, they have awarded $843,720 to local organizations helping our most vulnerable citizens.

United Way and the Community Foundation created the Impact Assessment Tool “so that nonprofit organizations in the Chattahoochee Valley can tell their stories. Hopefully these stories will offer supporters an objective way to assess the developing impact of COVID-19, the ways our nonprofit community is responding, and opportunity for investment in both the short & long term.” We encourage organizations to fill it out and for those looking for investment opportunities, to request the results.

We know that the needs of the valley are growing and will continue to evolve. But we can continue to collaborate to ensure a competent and compassionate response is available to everyone. 2-1-1, Home for Good, and partner agency data all reveal an increase in basic needs requests, such as shelter, food, and utility assistance. The connections and relationships remain our most reliable strategy for alleviating these struggles and preventing crises. Home for Good, along with our partner organizations, will continue to be leaders in an alliance to advocate for our people. We are #InThisTogether!