Partnerships Create Pathways

Because of our community partnerships, we now have an online Coordinated Entry form sending responses directly to 2-1-1.

The partnerships in the Chattahoochee Valley are vital to creating pathways to housing. Our Coordinated Entry System through 2-1-1 has been effective and efficient in this effort. This is why we are pleased to offer another access point for moving our community members to permanent housing and services. We now have an online intake form in which responses are sent directly to 2-1-1 for processing. This online form is in addition to the fillable/printable form currently used. The intention is to make the sharing of information and client needs more accessible and easier to process – taking steps to an even more cooperative and productive pathway to housing.  

You can still fill out a form to print and /or email. Find that form here: 

Intake Form – Fillable/Printable PDF

Online Intake Form For Those Experiencing Homelessness – Responses Sent Directly to 2-1-1