Making a Difference, One Person at a Time

Making a Difference, One Person at a Time

Because of contributions from donors and the tireless work of our community agencies, we have the opportunity to help those experiencing homelessness. Our approach of “Housing First” is a proven strategy. This ensures wrap around services are provided for each individual along with a safe and warm place to live. 

The combined efforts of Home for Good and our partners is making a profound difference in the lives of our most vulnerable citizens. The commitment of our partner agencies does not go unnoticed, especially by those that have been helped.  

Utilizing data gathered from 211 inquiries, community needs are ranked each spring.  Agencies continually modify or completely change program design to meet the changing needs of the community – and it works. As an example, the number of children experiencing homelessness is down as a result. 

The annual Point In Time Count shows us that the number of individuals becoming homeless is declining. The data collected reveals in 2016, we experienced our highest count of individuals facing homelessness. There were 282 people considered homeless. In 2019, the average was down to 110 people. And as of March 6, 2020, there are 94 people experiencing homelessness.

Five years ago, we wanted to tackle Veteran homelessness. Today, there are 7 Veterans experiencing homelessness; all of whom have been offered services. 

The issue of homelessness is complex and does not have an easy answer. Cause and effect have been documented and confirms – it could happen to anyone. Read more about what causes homelessness and who experiences homelessness

Obstacles faced by those experiencing homelessness are steep. Programs and agencies are working to help each person. As the Point In Time Count shows, the programs are working, but this work takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. Because each individual is unique in their experiences, their path out of homelessness is also unique. Individualized care requires countless hours from staff, but just as important, it requires support from our community leadership and members. 

What can you do? Stay informed. Homelessness is a complicated matter, but one we can solve together. This didn’t happen overnight and will not be solved overnight. But together, we will prevent and end homelessness one person at a time.