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Home for Good – Trusted, Effective Leader and Organizer

The Coronavirus has caused disruption and destruction to what was once our normal. It has been not only a health crisis but also an economic crisis. Thanks to the support of organizations like United Way and the Community Foundation, Home for Good was able to immediately respond to the community’s need and lead the initiatives that are guiding our most vulnerable citizens. 

Due to our strong Continuum of Care (COC), support of community organizations, and sound leadership, Home for Good was able to set up an Emergency Shelter in partnership with SafeHouse Ministries

This shelter provides accommodation to an average of 30 clients per night. It adheres to distancing and other Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines developed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Client information is also recorded in the Coordinated Entry System to ensure the process of securing permanent housing and wrap-around services may begin. Home for Good applied for and received $10,000 from the Coronavirus Response Fund to staff the shelter and assist with supplies.

Proactive measures are critical components to ensuring safe environments for clients and staff. Home for Good directed the effort to adopt CDC screening guidelines among all service providers with appropriate referrals for further screening, medical care, and isolation as needed. Home for Good assisted SafeHouse with protocols and coordination with the Department of Public Health for their isolation facilities.   

The COVID-19 Screening Tool implementation by Home for Good was one of a few models used by software developer Eccovia Solutions for the tool installed in all updates to their Client Track software, making Home for Good a national leader in proactive measures.

Home for Good has led the effort to conduct outreach to those experiencing homelessness to inform, screen, provide essentials, and refer to programs as appropriate. Efforts have become more and more difficult as the state-funded programs assisting in the effort announced they would not conduct outreach in areas known to be frequented by the unsheltered homeless. Nevertheless, Home for Good continues to do its part in providing services to our vulnerable neighbors.

Home for Good is partnering with the Columbus 2020 Census Task Force. In this role, Home for Good is assisting in the development and processes to reach the Hard to Count (HTC) populations, including those experiencing homelessness.

Home for Good is the acting liaison between local government and the Governor’s office as well as between service providers, Department of Public Health, and Emergency Management Agency. 

Home for Good is in regular communication with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) technical advisors regarding funding, data collection, data reporting, and information dissemination.

The past months have been difficult, testing our resolve, and revealing great need in our community. Now is the time to support Home for Good, a trusted, effective organization that is leading our area in response to the virus. Moving through this crisis, we expect the number of people in need to grow as a result of Coronavirus. Home for Good will be here to guide essential programs in the recovery. We are in this together.

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