Racial Inequity

Home for Good commits to the goals of ending racial inequities as we continue to advocate for, support, and care for our citizens who are experiencing homelessness.

National Alliance to End Homelessness Statement on Structural Racism and Racial InequityRehousing and Coordinated Investment..

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Data Quality Management Plan

We Want Your Help

Community’s Data Quality Management Plan

HUD and our Federal partners are committed to assisting communities to end homelessness for individuals and families. Collecting complete and accurate data about homelessness in your communities is a core element to achieve..

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EVERYONE Deserves a Home

Experiencing homelessness is the devastating result of many events and circumstances. We know from experience that the majority of our community members experiencing homelessness do not choose this lifestyle. Instead, they feel the enormous weight of resolving their situation as being too difficult,..

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Strategy: Working Together

Whether you have banded together with family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues, we have all contributed to great collaboration in our community over the last few months. It goes to show our resilience and compassion we feel for one another. Working together is something this valley is good at, as..

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Partnership, Progress, Prevention

Home for Good has led a successful response to COVID-19 and
is a reliable, trusted source of relief for many. We are taking this
opportunity to share the COVID-19 response, the extensive need this virus has
revealed and caused, and the proactive plan to meet that growing need.


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Leading the Way

Home for Good – Trusted, Effective Leader and Organizer

The Coronavirus has caused disruption and destruction to what was once our normal. It has been not only a health crisis but also an economic crisis. Thanks to the support of organizations like United Way and the Community..

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Thank you

Thank you.

We are thankful for our donors. You are providing funding for programs that are not only vital to the people served but essential to the recovery of our community. Thank you. 

We are grateful to those that have donated to the Coronavirus Response Fund. Because of you, our..

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We Are All In This Together

As the near-constant updates to the current situation roll in, we are incredibly hopeful after witnessing our community come together for each other. As Muscogee County closed its doors for education, staff and volunteers still showed up to make sure all our students received a..

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Kindness Matters

Image text: How will you “make your mark”?I will make my mark by inviting homeless people in to my home, find the adults a job, find the children a school, and here is how I am going to do it: Step 1: Find homeless people. I will go to a homeless shelter and pick up a few people and put..

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